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Amsterdam 2040: Economically Strong and Sustainable


Amsterdam's Council has approved the Economically Strong and Sustainable Structural Vision: Amsterdam 2040. It's Amsterdam's first structural vision with ambitious policies on sustainable development and a broader scope, incorporating the whole of the Amsterdam Metropolitan area. Download the Structural Vision document.

Amsterdam: Guide to Energetic Urban Planning

The Physical Planning Department of the City of Amsterdam have developed a 'Guide to Energetic Urban Planning' in close cooperation with the Technical University Delft. It‘s a conceptual guide for energy neutral town planning and urban development, not only for new sites but also for the existing city.  Energy neutral means in this case, independent of fossil fuel energy sources. 

The guide contains spatial planning tools for adaptation and mitigation to reduce the use of fossil fuel energy, working with smart grids for energy and developing sites for producing renewable energy. 

The approach has prooved successful in two local pilot areas. A summary of the guide will soon be available in English and available to download here.

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The Klimaroute in Frankfurt is formally opened on the 19th August 2012. Find out more.

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Featured Resource - CLIMATE FUTURES

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Climate Futures analyses the social, political, economic and psychological consequences of climate change and describes how different global responses to the problem could lead to five very different worlds by 2030.


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