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Spatial Planning in FrankfurtRheinMain Region

We have a new plan: As a result of a long and intensive process, the parliamentary chambers passed the Regionaler Flaechennutzungsplan, the Regional Land Use Plan, in December 2010. According to the legal procedures this plan is now awaiting approval by the Land Government.

This plan is quite special as it is one of the very few examples of the combination of two tiers of planning: Regional Planning and Land Use Planning are integrated into one document. And as far as the Land Use Planning part is concerned: This is usually done by the towns and cities in Germany, but in our region the Regionalverband is responsible for it instead.

All documents are available digitally and online. Unfortunately, they are in German only; however, specialists could benefit from the various illustrations and maps of the region. View them here.

Climate change related aspects are integrated into the Plan. Those who are interested in details will find the following map useful.

Frankfurt air channels

The areas shown in blue on the map are breeze pathways to be kept open, to allow for streams of cooler air developing and moving, preferably to alleviate the urban heat island effect.

For more information visit our Climate and Planning pages. The climate change related aspects of this plan are being discussed in the C-Change Expert Joint Planning Group 3.

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