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Ile de France Stakeholder Engagement

The Region Ile de France is responsible for the construction and maintenance of 469 high schools, attended by 390,000 students in the region. A newly built 'eco school' in the region has become an exemplar model for sustainable school building and maintenance. The huge 1,800 square meter green roof of the school at Chevilly-Larue is one of the largest investments in the C-Change project.

My Eco-Lycee Guide
In order to promote sustainable construction and maintenance practices across schools in the region and across North West Europe, My Eco-Lycee Guide has been created to offer practical advice and guidance to other high schools in how to apply the best practice demonstated at Chevilly-Larue. The guide incorporates both physical adaptation measures such as energy efficiency, water and waste management, increasing biodiversity, and local food supply and also addresses behaviour change and enagagement relating to climate change and C02 reduction. The Eco-Lycee Guide and the measures within it are targetted at a wide range of stakeholders, including students, teachers, parents, educational managers and politicians.

The Eco-Lycee Films and Web-radio
The C-Change Eco-Lycee web-radio actively engages students and education professionals in communicating the sustainability messages that are central to our work. Students at the school are producing both video and web-radio reports that are diseminated to schools across the region and beyond. It is envisaged that these reports, along with the Eco-Lycee Guide will inspire and support other schools to implement further adaptation or mitigation measures. Ile de France Region also plan to will work closely with another C-Change partner school in London to share the results and experience of eco-school programmes in both cities.

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All of this innovative work is incorporated in the strategic Climate Plan for the Ile de France Region, that was formally approved in 2011.

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