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Sustainable Natural Playground

Students design natural playground.

Natural Playground Sloterplas opens Summer 2012
See the Natural Playground on YouTube or visit the Natureluur website

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The 'Wilderness Playground' is a new, attractive focal point for the whole area. It has to play an important role as a meeting place in an area with persistent and diverse social and economic problems. It has to attract numbers of people and to contribute fundamentally to a sustainable neighbourhood. It is due to be opened in May 2012. Children, adults and experts from the area around the Sloterplas worked in a co-creation process to develop the design. It will be the first playground in the Netherlands where children and adults learn about climate change.

Just next to the playground is an outdated and underused children’s farm. To improve it and to incorporate it into the masterplan for the area has been proposed. Seventy students from the College of Higher Education developed designs and concepts for re-developing the farm. They had to incorporate climate change and sustainability in their ideas, which exceeded all expectations. The designs incorporated a range of multi-functional facilities for this area of the park, including the playground, the top level swimming pool and children's farm.

In a competition judged by an expert jury, the design “Children’s farm of the future” won the competition. It is a farm for children, parents and friends incorporating the concept of ‘cooking for the future’ with healthy ingredients produced in the farm’s own vegetable garden and using energy produced on site at the farm. Local politicians have begun to embrace more of these ideas, specifically to develop the connecting bridge between children’s farm, the playground and the swimming pool.


New teaching materials on climate change and sustainability for the playground.

The themes of energy, water and biodiversity are all central in the final design of the natural playground “The Wilderness”.  Storytelling and educational resources based on these themes will help bring the message of the playground to life. Twenty students from a Teacher Training College have developed teaching materials on climate change and sustainability for use in the playground. The lessons include the following themes:

·         kinetic energy: water pump, water rocket, pulleys

·         water purification and water movement

·         botanical garden and sweet forest

·         biodiversity: insect hotel, fruit trees.

 Download 'The Wilderness' teaching materials (in Dutch only)



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