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About C-Change

Who are we?
What do we aim to do?
How will we work together?  (EJPGs)
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Who are we?

C-Change is a transnational territorial cooperation project funded under priority 4 of the European Union's INTERREG IVB Programme; promoting strong and properous communities at a transnational level.

The C-CHANGE Partnership incorporates national, regional and local government players representing city regions with major economic significance in Europe. It is led by Groundwork London, an NGO internationally recognised as an expert in the field of engaging communities in sustainable development through environmental action.

What does C-Change aim to do?

C-Change has three thematic strands: 

1. Community Engagement and Behaviour Change

C-Change will not only inform but truly involve different communities in all Partner Regions in its projects. The projects demonstrate how changes to both our local open spaces and to our day-to-day behaviour can help our city regions cope with a changing climate. Many of our engagement projects will see young people taking the lead and becoming a catalyst for change right in the heart of their communities.

2. Creating Multi-functional Spaces

Our Regions’ open spaces can be adapted to provide practical responses to climate change such as managing rising temperatures, preventing flooding, reducing CO2 emissions and improving the quality of life for us all in many other ways.

C-Change  will deliver a number of multi-functional open space adaptation projects in the Partner Regions. From green roofs to community food growing spaces, these projects will provide a focus for engaging different communities, professionals and politicians,  help promote the climate change agenda to a wide audience and demonstrate the enormous potential of open spaces in helping our cities cope with the negative effects of climate change.


3. Adapting Spatial Planning Strategies

C-Change will enable all its Partner Regions to examine their spatial planning strategies and adapt them in response to the challenges posed by climate change. The projects will identify the potential social and economic impacts of climate change for each Region and help planners and other relevant professionals develop a sound understanding of how their work can respond to these challenges.

Each theme has a ‘Work Package’ comprising of demonstration projects and a programme of transnational learning activities involving all partners. We believe that the integration of all three thematic responses is key to ‘climate proofing’ our cities.

How will we work together?

Each partner is actively involved in every ‘Work Package’ or theme, through the Expert Joint Planning Groups (EJPGs). These interactive transnational groups are at the heart of the project, enabling all partners to learn from each other’s experiences and steer the implementation of the practical and strategic responses to climate change in each work package.

With the involvement of a range of professionals from all partner regions (planners, landscape architects, community and youth workers, experts in renewable energy, communications, education and behaviour change) the EJPGs utilise this international expertise to contribute to the design, on-going review and evaluation of the C-Change projects and work packages.




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