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South London Eco-hub: The Arcadia Centre Garden

Together with Sutton Merton Primary Care Trust and  C-Change the Centre has created a community garden for learning about growing food, healthy eating and sustainable living and climate change.  It’s a valuable community and educational space with raised beds for easy access.
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The ‘Thrifty Edible Gardening Workshops’ run in the garden throughout the Summer, showcasing growing techniques and ways to use recycled materials to produce fruit, vegetables and herbs in an economical and environmentally friendly way. 
Thrifty Gardening Workshops


Local children from St. Mark’s Academy have also been able to use the garden as an educational space. The pupils were encouraged and helped to research plants and herbs that would work in the space and attract wildlife, which has increased the local biodiversity.

On our visit we will meet participants who are now learning gardening skills and are more active in their daily lives, having the chance for greater social interaction and gaining an increased sense of community. 

The ‘Turf to Table’ programme will continue with an increased vegetable and fruit growing area. There are also plans to work alongside the local residents to select and plant native varieties of orchard fruits.

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