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Forestry Commission UK: A Wood Fuel Tree Station in North London

The Woodfuel hub project has moved forward successfully and within the  over the last 6 months. A study has been carried out to investigate the feasibility of setting up a woodfuel processing hub in North London, a place where wood is collected in varying forms for the purpose of processing it for supply as woodfuel. The study area encompasses seven boroughs in North London and neighbouring local authorities in Essex and Hertfordshire, effectively a 50 mile radious around Enfield. To read the full feasibilty study completed in March 2010 download a copy here.

For more information about the Forestry Commissions plans for wood fuel, download their 2011 - 2014 implementation plan.

Woodfuel site

The Forestry Commission is working in partnership with Forest Fuels, an award winning consultantcy and supplier of woodfuel and biomass heating solutions in the south west of England.  

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